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Incident Response

Stop a cyber incident in its tracks.
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Incident Response

During an incident, every second counts. Our cybersecurity experts know exactly where to look and what to do — making your incident their top priority. We start working immediately to contain the threat as quickly as possible.


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With an incident commander dedicated to your case, they quickly coordinate the incident response team, centralizing communications and coordinating Nuspire 24x7x365 SOC to rapidly assess the threat. Our cybersecurity experts analyze and activate a plan using rapid data ingestion and threat hunting to quickly identify, mitigate and resolve the incident.


The Nuspire Difference

A cybersecurity incident response plan is only as effective as the knowledge and expertise of the teams and processes that respond to the situation. Nuspire is revolutionizing the cybersecurity experience with a holistic approach that guards every aspect, viewing protection as a continuous improvement cycle. Our highly skilled experts are proactive and nimble, acting as an advisor to our clients’ IT Security team.

How It Works

Accelerate Response
Rapid data ingestion and threat hunting to quickly triage and scope incident. Incident commander coordinates response team and communications.
Mitigate and Resolve
Rapid response to isolate and contain the attack
Continuous Improvement
Lessons learned during an incident improve future incident response playbooks and scenarios

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It is critical to have an incident response plan in place - especially now.

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