Dark Web Monitoring

Monitor the dark web for threats to your organization in real time 
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Don't let your data be compromised in the shadows. 

Nuspire's Dark Web Monitoring service extends your security perimeter to the dark web. Our service continuously scans dark web sources for mentions and activity around your organization, alerting you if your information surfaces in dark web channels and forums. With no additional infrastructure or device configuration changes required, Dark Web Monitoring is a seamless and proactive extension of your cybersecurity strategy.  

Dark Web Monitoring gives you actionable intelligence to address threats from outside your environment 

Stay informed and react swiftly with our comprehensive dark web surveillance, ensuring your organization's data remains secure. 

Dark Web Monitoring

Insider Advantage: Boost Protection by Coupling with Nuspire’s Detection & Response

When Dark Web Monitoring is integrated with Nuspire's detection and response services, like MDR, we not only alert you to potential threats but also verify their relevance and act on them. This dual approach ensures that threats are not just identified but also investigated within your environment to determine their legitimacy and impact. 

Dark Web Monitoring

Use Case: Credential Leak

Situation: Nuspire’s Dark Web Monitoring service detects a forum post on the dark web claiming possession of credentials for your organization.  

Nuspire’s Proactive Approach: Upon detecting a potential credential leak, our expert analysts will utilize the client’s MDR solution to cross-reference this claim against our logs. This allows us to verify the age and relevance of the credentials. We then monitor the implicated user accounts for any signs of compromise and, if needed, launch a comprehensive threat hunting operation. Our team quickly implements countermeasures in your environment to ensure your organization's data remains secure. 

How Dark Web Monitoring Works 

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Monitor External Threats

Continuously scan the dark web for your organization's data and potential threats. 


Receive Timely Alerts

Get immediate alerts if your information is detected, enabling a rapid response. 


Combine with Detection & Response Services

Let Nuspire handle the investigation and remediation directly in your environment.

With Dark Web Monitoring, you’ll get: 

Continuous Monitoring for New Threats:

Stay ahead with 24/7 surveillance of the ever-shifting dark web. Our dark web monitoring service is designed to detect new threats as they emerge, ensuring your organization's data remains secure.

Data Breach Alerts:

Receive immediate notifications when your organization's data is found on the dark web. This early warning system allows for swift action to mitigate potential damage.

Brand and Typo Squatting Monitoring with Takedown Services:

Scan the internet for instances of brand impersonation and fraud intended to exploit customers, steal sensitive information or distribute malware. Optional takedown service available to remove the offending content. 

Comprehensive Reporting:

Gain detailed insights into detected threats with our comprehensive reporting. Understand the nature of the threat, its origin and the potential impact on your organization.

Tailored Intelligence:

Benefit from intelligence customized for your business. Our finely tuned algorithms recognize and alert you to specific data related to your organization, enhancing the relevance and effectiveness of our monitoring.

Expert Analyst Review:

Ensure the alerts you receive are pertinent. Our cybersecurity experts review potential threats, differentiating between false alarms and genuine concerns so you can focus on what matters.

Ability to Supercharge Protection:

Integrate Nuspire's Dark Web Monitoring with detection and response services to boost security through comprehensive threat identification and swift, coordinated remediation. 

Nuspire’s Dark Web Monitoring

Every business faces unique threats, especially from the hidden corners of the dark web. Let Nuspire tailor a dark web monitoring strategy that fits your specific needs.  

 Talk with an expert today to learn more about how we can help protect your organization from the outside in.