Services Vulnerability Management Services (VMS)

Get the knowledge needed to stay ahead of threat actors.

You can’t fix what you don’t see.

Bad actors are scanning your perimeter for vulnerabilities, shouldn’t you? Be prepared for new devices connecting to your network to add potential new gaps to your defenses, novel vulnerabilities that are discovered in the wild every day, and evolving compliance mandates that require regular vulnerability testing.

Knowledge is Power: Get the full picture with VMS.

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Comprehensive security procedures identify, prioritize and reduce risk exposure across clients’ internal and external network environments
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Logical asset groups simplify report interpretation and prioritize remediation plans
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Regulatory compliance and audit assistance help clients reduce liability and meet most frameworks’ requirements
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Cybersecurity professionals provide expert analysis and remediation advice
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Part of a zero-trust strategy to proactively identify blind spots and stay ahead of bad actors

How It Works


Step One


Identify and classify new devices connecting to the client network.

Step Two


Internal and external scans reveal potential systems and software vulnerabilities.

Step Three
Step Two

Step Three


Risk-rated reports and cybersecurity expert analysis help guide client remediation.

Why Nuspire?

Safeguard your organization using the controls and best practices of MSS.​


Support and view multiple technologies on a single unified threat management platform


Gain resources who triage threats, tune technology and optimize processes


Maintain 400+ days of logs, enabling investigation of long-dwelling intruders

Stay Up to Date on the Latest Threats

To be secure, we must understand who the adversaries are, what they’re after, how they would attack an organization, and the overall risk they pose. Nuspire’s quarterly threat report identifies trends and makes predictions, so you know what to expect from cybercriminals.

Managed Gateway Service Case Study

A leading global manufacturer sought help to manage and monitor connections between sites, streamline firewall configurations, and mange secure network access for vendors, employees and remote locations.