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The industry’s first technology-agnostic, software-powered and single-pane-of-glass cybersecurity platform.

Lewie Dunsworth CEO Nuspire

The Nuspire Way

“Imagine a world in cybersecurity where vast visibility, tools and expertise are at your fingertips. Where you could see your entire security program in one single pane-of-glass. It’s time for a significant change. A cybersecurity revolution that rebuilds the industry around you and your needs."

— Lewie Dunsworth, CEO Nuspire

Our vision for cybersecurity is centered around your unique needs based on where you are and where you want to go in your security journey.

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See your company’s security services in one view, as well as access threat modeling and program situational awareness that provides intelligence, insights and recommendations to help build a smarter security program.

Security in Action Framework

Based on your security program blueprint, we can help you on your journey by providing our industry-leading core services.

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SIEM Security Experts 24 x 7 x 365
Through strong metrics and reporting, continuously review your threats (TMT) and NSP assessment to improve your security posture. Access on-demand and/or guided security reviews to make your program more effective.
Discover potential threats from global threat traffic and Nuspire’s Threat Modeling Tool (TMT). We look at what you have today (technology and services) and where you want to go with your security posture.
Apply what was discovered, know where you have the greatest risk and determine where to focus your next dollar.
Learn not only where you have gaps, but also where you have overlap and can be more effective through Nuspire Insights.
Always-on monitoring and management supported by 3 SOCs and 2 NOCs.
Clients are alerted to a threat, provided details of a response and notified of further actions.
Nuspire’s Security Incident Response Team (SIRT) is ready to respond and contain the threat in collaboration with the SOC, NOC and SIT teams.
Proactive response management 24x7x365. We take into account your entire infrastructure.

We've been where you are.

“As a former CISO, who walked in your shoes, I understand the anxiety of not seeing. Not knowing. Not having the flight controls I needed to fly my program in the right direction.”

— Lewie Dunsworth, CEO Nuspire