Managed Security Services (MSS)

Get fully customized protection where you need it.
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Network Security is Constantly Changing

Today’s dynamic IT environment creates unprecedented opportunities for threat actors including:

  • Bigger attack surface driven by remote work
  • Greater cybersecurity risk due to attackers increase in sophistication
  • Challenges of keeping IT security teams up to date with threat intelligence, training, and resources

Protection for Your Entire Company

Prevent Tomorrow’s Threats
Timely upgrades, patches, configuration and policy changes reduce exposure.
Accelerate Response Time
Faster mitigation by actioning runbook response on client’s behalf.
Know Potential Vulnerabilities
Internal and external scans discover connected devices and reveal vulnerabilities.

Nuspire MSSP services

Nuspire is different.

  • Fully customized cybersecurity solutions
  • Flexible vulnerability scans, security appliance, Wi-Fi and network edge management
  • Tailored and integrated monitor-manage-maintain approach
  • Event management operated by a 24x7x365 SOC for true peace-of-mind
  • Network visibility with real-time logs and reporting
  • State-of-the-art Unified Threat Management (UTM) devices protecting from security threats
Nuspire MSSP services

How Our Managed Security Services Work

Step One: Visibility
Vulnerability Management Services (VMS) provide internal and external scans to identify and prioritize gaps in your defense layers.

Step Two: Preparedness
Managed Gateway deploys the latest technology, configuration and policies, and provides tailored runbooks to counteract any new threats.

Step Three: Response
Nuspire has 24x7x365 monitoring, management and mitigation. The bad guys never take a break – so neither do we.

Why Nuspire?

Safeguard your organization using the controls and best practices of MSS.

Support and view multiple technologies on a single unified threat management platform
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Gain resources who triage threats, tune technology and optimize processes
Maintain 400+ days of logs, enabling investigation of long-dwelling intruders
“I can’t think of any improvements. Nuspire has been great to work with, from onboarding to support!”
—Manufacturing Client

Can your team protect all areas of your company’s network?

Learn how others have implemented an MSS solution from Nuspire to help with the daily securing of gateway, edge devices, and network devices.