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Protect critical data and ensure resilience with security tailored to software environments 
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Protect Critical Data and Ensure Resilience
Security Tailored to Software Environments

55% of organizations had a SaaS incident within the past 24 months.1 

Software and SaaS businesses are magnets for cyberattacks because they're sitting on a goldmine of valuable data, have access to clients' systems and are often early adopters of new technologies. The bad guys also target them because of their large user base, reliance on third-party services and heavy cloud usage. Ransomware, business email attacks, malware and phishing pose serious threats that can result in significant disruptions and sensitive data leaks. 

Fortify Services Against Disruption 

Minimize revenue losses and operational downtime from attacks by promptly identifying and halting threats before they impair software services, compromise data, or interrupt business. 

Innovate with Confidence 

As you rapidly build new capabilities and deploy SaaS offerings, managed security furnishes oversight to lock down innovations and pinpoint emerging risks. This empowers your team to architect the future with boldness. 

Integrate Assets Securely 

During transitions to the cloud, security assessments safeguard your migration path by exposing vulnerabilities early. Consultants then implement controls to enable the secure unification of infrastructure across your expanding environment. 

Partner with a Trusted Security Advisor 

A managed security partner becomes an extension of your squad, delivering customized guidance to address the distinct needs of your software landscape. Lean on their expertise as you focus on delivering exceptional products and experiences. 

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Specialized software security should

Protect Your SaaS Business Against Tailored Threat Offensives

As a SaaS or software provider, your business is a bullseye for threat actors targeting access to sensitive customer data, intellectual property and critical business systems. Sophisticated attackers exploit vulnerabilities in layered software environments – from public-facing web apps to privileged admin controls – in coordinated assaults across vectors. 

Advanced threats are customized to evade legacy defenses unable to adapt across your hybrid infrastructure or lack context of escalating business email, ransomware, and supply chain compromise attacks. Security gaps widen through rapid growth, third-party integrations, or transitions to the cloud. 

Protect Your SaaS Business Against Tailored Threat Offensives

Specialized software security should:

  • Detect anomalies and threats specific to software communications and data flows 
  • Harden cloud platforms and integrate security across hybrid environments 
  • Protect source code integrity and sensitive customer data 
  • Prepare incident response plans tailored for software cyber events 

From Source Code to Secure Mode: Elevating SaaS Security

Understand Your Architecture and Secure Critical Data

Get a clear picture of all data flows, infrastructure and apps to reveal unknown threats across on-prem, cloud or hybrid environments.

Harden Access and Authentication

Implement robust identity and access controls and encrypt sensitive customer data stores to prevent unauthorized access. 

Get Always-On Threat Protection and Expert Security Guidance 

Leverage 24/7 monitoring and response and specialized analysis to intercept sophisticated attacks like ransomware and business email compromise. 

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