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Get the expertise and on-demand knowledge your business needs to stay ahead of the constantly evolving threat landscape 

Cyber attackers are always adapting their tactics, techniques and procedures to exploit potential weaknesses in a company’s security environment. The right cybersecurity talent – talent that can dive deep and truly understand your environment – is hard to come by, and often cost-prohibitive. This is where Nuspire’s Virtual CISO comes in.  

We’ll assign a highly skilled security executive to meet you where you are in your security journey – whether you’re just getting started or need help refining your program. Each Nuspire cybersecurity executive is backed up by a team of security experts in critical subject areas and can bring specialist resources into the discussion as the need arises.   

Expand your security capabilities with Nuspire’s vCISO services:

  • Security project requirements definition   
  • Application/SaaS security reviews  
  • Controls effectiveness and relevance to threats 
  • Support for security engineering activities 
  • Technology stack optimization & reduction in capability overlap
  • Security roadmap/program development  
  • Security policy and standards development 
  • Audit and compliance support   
  • Third-party risk assessment  
  • Security architecture review and development   

Get CISO-level Expertise

Without increasing headcount 

Decades of Industry Experience

Access to world-class cybersecurity professionals who bring a wealth of knowledge and strategic insight to uplevel your security program.  

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We’re by your side every step of the way, building and implementing a customized security solution that meets your unique needs.  

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Exceeding our client’s expected outcomes is in our DNA, as shown by our 97% client retention rate*. 

*Client retention rate measured by calendar year  

The Nuspire Difference 

Over 20 years ago, Nuspire was born out of the devotion to provide a new, fresh and inspiring approach to closing cybersecurity gaps. Our team is comprised of passionate cybersecurity experts who’ve seen it all and are committed to helping clients address their toughest security challenges – no matter where they are in their security journey. 

Need strategic support for your cybersecurity program?  

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