[On-Demand] Part 2 — When the Wheels Come Off: Bringing Order to Cyber Incident Chaos

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to view the on-demand sessions of our 2-part webinar series. Led by Nuspire’s cybersecurity experts, Mike Pedrick and Chris Roberts, this series takes you through a simulated cyber incident, demonstrating critical response and recovery strategies.

Part 2: Mitigating Risks and Long-Term Repercussions

Mike and Chris revisit the scenario to understand the root causes and long-term effects of the cyber incident. They discuss effective controls, technology-based risk mitigation and the crucial role of rehearsing your incident response (IR) plan. They also cover how cybersecurity insurance and AI can impact your IR strategies.

Here’s What You’ll Learn:

  • Real-Time Response Tactics: How to act swiftly and effectively during the initial stages of a cyber incident.
  • Strategic Recovery Planning: Insights into long-term recovery processes and policy improvements.
  • Advanced Threat Intelligence: Utilizing the MITRE ATT&CK framework to predict and counteract attacker moves.

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Watch Now