Checklist: Strengthen Your Cyber Resilience with This Essential Incident Response Checklist

Cyberattacks can strike at any time, and every minute counts when responding to a breach. Having a solid incident response plan in place is critical to minimize damage, prevent the spread of malware, and get your systems back up and running. But where do you start? Our Incident Response Checklist makes it easy to develop your own customized plan. 

Download the Checklist below. 

Strengthen incident handling using our NIST-based checklist 

This free, downloadable template walks you through the essential steps of effective incident response, including: 

  • Establishing clear roles and responsibilities for your IR team 
  • Identifying, analyzing and containing the incident 
  • Eradicating the threat and recovering systems 
  • Conducting a post-mortem and improving your plan 
  • Meeting compliance and reporting requirements 

Based on NIST’s industry-standard Computer Security Incident Handling Guide, this checklist ensures you don’t miss any critical tasks during the heat of an incident. It’s an indispensable resource for IT and security professionals looking to boost their organization’s cyber resilience. 

Don’t wait until an attack happens to get prepared. Download the Incident Response Checklist now. 

From plan to action: pressure test your incident response 

A plan is only as good as your team’s ability to execute it. That’s where tabletop exercises come in. These interactive simulations of real-world cyberattacks are a powerful way to stress test your incident response plan, uncover gaps and weaknesses and ensure your team is well-prepared to handle any threat. 

Want to see how your incident response stacks up? Our experts can guide you through a customized tabletop exercise to assess your readiness and identify areas for improvement.  

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Download the Checklist

Download the Checklist