Cybersecurity for the Manufacturing Industry

Maximize productivity by eliminating exploitable device and network vulnerabilities.

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Understand the network and secure the Internet of things (IoT)

Know what’s on your network, including OT and IT devices, vulnerabilities and malware


Prevent downtime   

Stay ahead of threat actors and stop them from disrupting operations


Augment your IT team with affordable, managed cybersecurity services

Keep internal IT teams focused on strategic initiatives while Nuspire monitors and responds to cybersecurity threats

Modernize manufacturing cybersecurity to protect OT, IT and IoT

Many manufacturing facilities are not designed with security in mind. And now that IoT has bridged OT and IT, factories and plants are susceptible to a variety of malicious actors and cybercriminal. It’s crucial that manufacturers prioritize security to protect critical assets by:

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Gaining network visibility across the IT and OT infrastructure
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Continuously monitoring network activity
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Regularly assessing and prioritizing risk

Scan and map your manufacturing network

Manufacturing networks are complex because they often include OT, IT and IoT devices; legacy equipment; legacy, unsupported software; and systems like supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) and enterprise resource planning (ERP). A cybersecurity assessment provides a complete picture of your entire stack and a risk profile, which establishes common ground for OT and IT to make decisions.

Minimize business disruption

Ransomware, phishing and social engineering attacks are hitting manufacturers hard. Threat actors target IoT data, software, network performance and even remote access methods. Monitor your network with Nuspire’s teams of security experts, who will detect and respond to security events before they are able to cause downtime or business disruption.

Pursue Industry 4.0 confidently

Many facilities are connected to the internet, allowing data to be shared quickly and easily among supply chain members. However, open IoT devices expand the attack surface, increasing the risk for all types of factories. Effective manufacturing cybersecurity provides visibility all the way through to each endpoint, so you can see and control IoT communication points. All of them, all the time.

Assess security implications before an acquisition

Growing a manufacturing business through acquisition is typically a faster and less expensive strategy. However, scaling through acquisition can also be risky. It exposes your business to the cybersecurity threats present on the network you are acquiring. Be sure to assess risk, or engage a MSSP that can, prior to an acquisition.

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Trouble Securing the IoT?

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