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Incident Readiness

Get ahead of the next cybersecurity incident.
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Know exactly how to prepare and get ready when an incident happens.

The cybersecurity experts at Nuspire have the knowledge and experience to help you prepare, practice and test using cybersecurity incident readiness best-practices.


Incident Response Playbook Review

A regular incident response readiness assessment ensures your plan keeps-up with organizational changes. Nuspire’s cyberscurity experts review existing documentation and provide recommendations for best-practices-based improvements.
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How It Works

Be Prepared
Develop and implement an Incident response plan designed for your organization and based on best practices.
Evaluate your plan
Assess your response to phishing, social engineering and other adversary tactics and techniques.
Test your plan
Detect and fix your areas of greatest risk by performing tabletop exercises and vulnerability assessments.

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Learn more about Advanced Threat Hunting and learn how to apply third-party threat intelligence to proactively threat hunt.

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