Cybersecurity for the Transportation Industry

Steer clear of disruption with transportation-specific cybersecurity solutions to minimize impact
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Proactive Protection:
Keeping Transportation Security on Track 

The transportation industry is among the top 10 sectors for data breaches, with nearly 280 companies worldwide losing customer information.1

Transportation networks are complex systems that include vehicles, infrastructure, dispatch and tracking systems, payment systems and more. As transportation becomes more connected and automated, it also becomes more vulnerable to cyber threats. And that’s where managed security services can prove invaluable to securing your environment.

Reduce Business Disruption

Minimize revenue losses and operational downtime from cyberattacks by detecting and stopping threats quickly before they impact shipments, strand passengers or interrupt services.

Innovate Safely

As you roll out new transportation models involving connected vehicles, on-demand services and integrated payments, managed security services secure these innovations and identify risks introduced by new endpoints. This allows you to build the future of transportation with confidence.

Integrate Networks Securely

During mergers, acquisitions and infrastructure modernization initiatives, security posture assessments can uncover risks early. Experts establish security controls to enable the safe integration of legacy and modern systems across your expanded transportation footprint.

Gain a Trusted Security Partner

A managed security partner acts as an extension of your team, providing guidance and expertise tailored to your unique transportation environment. With 24/7 monitoring from state-of-the-art SOCs, threats are rapidly detected and responded to, minimizing business disruption.

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Cybersecurity for the Transportation Industry

Safeguard Transportation Operations with Specialized Cybersecurity

Transportation networks have unique security requirements spanning vehicles, infrastructure, dispatch systems and more. As connectivity and automation advances, risks multiply - putting operations in threat actors’ crosshairs. Legacy security tools often lack context for the sector's distinct environment.

Cybersecurity for the Transportation Industry

Specialized transportation cybersecurity should:

  • Secure real-time telemetry from freight equipment and passenger Wi-Fi
  • Harden safety-critical systems like signaling, navigation and vehicle controls
  • Protect sensitive operational data like shipment manifests and rider information
  • Detect anomalies in dispatch communications and payment processing
  • Prepare incident response plans tailored for cyber events

The Road to Safer, Fortified Transportation Operations

Understand The Network and Secure Your Infrastructure 

Know what’s on your network and where your specific attack vectors lie.  

Prevent Disruption

Stay ahead of threat actors and mitigate potential downtime of systems and operations.  

Augment Your IT Team With Affordable, Managed Cybersecurity Services

Keep internal IT teams focused on strategic initiatives while Nuspire monitors and responds to cybersecurity threats 

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