[On-Demand] Part 1 – When the Wheels Come Off: Bringing Order to Cyber Incident Chaos

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to view the on-demand sessions of our 2-part webinar series. Led by Nuspire’s cybersecurity experts, Mike Pedrick and Chris Roberts, this series takes you through a simulated cyber incident, demonstrating critical response and recovery strategies. 

Part 1: The Incident Unfolds 

Mike and Chris take you through a realistic timeline countdown, showcasing the initial breach detection, the mobilization of response teams and the strategic deployment of MDR solutions.  

Here’s What You’ll Learn:

  • Real-Time Response Tactics: How to act swiftly and effectively during the initial stages of a cyber incident. 
  • Strategic Recovery Planning: Insights into long-term recovery processes and policy improvements. 
  • Advanced Threat Intelligence: Utilizing the MITRE ATT&CK framework to predict and counteract attacker moves. 

Watch the Video

Watch the Video