Cybersecurity Customized for the Automotive Space

Simplify automotive cybersecurity by implementing only what your dealership needs


Keep your business up and running

Minimize the disruption, loss of revenue and costs caused by a breach


Safeguard sensitive information

Earn your customers’ trust by handling their personal information correctly


Protect your reputation

Avoid the negative press that can drive customers away

Focus on breach prevention

Dealerships are being targeted by various criminal tactics including ransomware and advanced persistent threats (APTs). In fact, 85% of IT-related employees indicated that their dealership had experienced a cybersecurity incident in the last two years.1 Focus on lowering your chances of being breached by:

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Updating dealership cybersecurity program
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Safeguarding customer information
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Protecting your brand name


1 CDK Global Dealership Cybersecurity Study, 2018.

Bring automotive cybersecurity up to date

Threat actors get smarter as they learn what works and doesn’t work. Outdated security programs can’t keep up. The Nuspire team can help you tie in assets like dealer management software, diagnostic tools and digital signage without unduly burdening your business.

Reduce the risk of losing personal information

Every dealership collects and stores personally identifiable information (PII) like drivers’ license data, credit card numbers, credit reports, Social Security numbers and email addresses. Help prevent incidents by adopting California consumer privacy act (CCPA) and federal trade commission (FTC) standards such as the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA) for safeguarding customer information. Then, our Security Essentials services will help you secure your customer data and further reduce your dealership’s risk.

Make security a competitive advantage

Your reputation is on the line every day. If ransomware or hackers shut down your business, the bad news travels fast. The core of managed security services is monitoring your gateway, network and endpoints around the clock, so any suspicious threat actors are dealt with immediately.

Automotive Client

“The technical service team was really helpful, friendly, professional and provides the best support to us, always.”

Is Your Dealership at Risk for Cybersecurity Attacks?

Troves of personal data, reliance on electronic financial transactions and a lean, highly competitive business model light on IT and security resources. Sound familiar? Automotive, powersports and heavy equipment dealerships are at risk. Read the Stealing the Dealership white paper to learn how to protect your organization from cyber threats.