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Threat Modeling

Focus your cybersecurity with industry-specific risk insights.
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Protect your assets by understanding who, how and where your adversaries are likely to attack, based on your organization’s industry.

Use our cybersecurity threat modeling best practices to learn the tactics and techniques most likely to be used against your organization.

Our analysts will create a company-specific report with recommendations on how best to focus your valuable resources. Gain insight into industry-specific risks for your organization, to better focus your budget and resources. Nuspire analysts research multiple sources of threat intelligence, using our threat modeling tool to deliver the insights and recommendations you need to build or improve your security program.



  • Threat type: Ransomware
  • Threat Group: Wizard Spider
  • Threat Technique: Lateral Movement through the client environment
  • Threat Tactic: Wizard Spider uninstalled security software on victims' computers to move laterally through victim network
  • Threat Intelligence Gained: Understanding the nature of an adversary as they move through your environment

Nuspire Recommendation: The client implemented and Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) solution to monitor and prevent future attacks


Financial Services

  • Threat Type: Data Destruction
  • Threat Group: APT38
  • Threat Technique:Privilege escalation through client environment
  • Threat Tactic: Adversary may elevate privileges by executing malicious content triggered by PowerShell profiles
  • Threat Intelligence Gained: Detecting an adversary trying to gain higher level permissions 

Nuspire Recommendation: The client implemented active directory monitoring to detect privilege escalation



  • Threat Type: Discover targets in an active directory network for conducting nefarious activity
  • Threat Group: Deep Panda
  • Threat Technique: Remote System Discovery
  • Threat Tactic: Used publicly available tools to map the internal network and conduct reconnaissance against Active Directory
  • Threat Intelligence Gained: Identifiying a cost-effective way to monitor client environment

Nuspire Recommendation: The client prioritized the log sources to monitor based on recommendations

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Industry-Specific Threat Analysis
Know who, where and how adversaries are likely to attack
Fast and Actionable Insights
Understand current cyberecurity gaps within days, not week
Increase Focus and Effectiveness
Protect against tactics and techniques with tailored recommendations

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