Construction Cybersecurity

Partner with security experts who provide 24/7 support to protect your construction operation from the field to the office.
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Avoid downtime by reducing security risks

The construction industry is evolving. As a result, IT leaders are challenged with a system of data that is no longer centralized due to everything from construction management software solutions to a large increase in personal job site devices. To avoid job site downtime caused by a cybersecurity attack, it’s important to prioritize security and protect critical assets by:

  • Gaining network visibility from the job site to the office
  • Continuously monitoring network activity 
  • Regularly assessing and prioritizing risk

What are the cybersecurity threats in the construction industry?

Head-off potential construction cyber-attacks by better understanding your adversary. Learn who is targeting companies in the construction industry, what they are doing and how they are doing it so that you and your team are armed with information you can use.
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Avoid downtime due to threat actors
Bring your construction organization’s cybersecurity program up-to-date

Construction networks are complex with teams dispersed across a variety of locations from remote sites and in field offices. They are often connecting from a variety of sources, including personal devices, many of which are unsecured. Let Nuspire take care of your cybersecurity program and you’ll gain a team of security experts to monitor, remediate and resolve any cyber threats so your team doesn’t have to.

With many employees and contractors connecting to remote sites from unsecured devices, threats like Ransomware, phishing, social engineering attacks, malicious pop-up ads and fake wireless networks are common in the construction industry. These threats can stop communication, slowing down or preventing important change-orders and halting communication with contractors. Let Nuspire monitor your network with the team of security experts, who will detect and respond to security events before can cause any downtime.

Threat actors get smarter as they learn what works and doesn’t work. Outdated security programs can’t keep up. The Nuspire team can help you tie in different parts of your network infrastructure like construction management software, machine control systems, remote file sharing and mobile devices in the field.

“Nuspire uniquely stands out from the competition by focusing on its strength as a pure play MSSP. Nuspire’s flexibility allows it to capitalize on emerging opportunities and disrupters, provide lower prices and deploy new technologies faster than its competitors.”

—Senior Research Analyst, IDC Infrastructure Services