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Prevent future incidents with a deep root cause analysis
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Who did it? What happened? How and where did it happen?
DFIR gets you the answers.

Access digital forensics and incident response (DFIR) experts to investigate cybersecurity incidents

As part of incident response, DFIR experts collect, analyze and report any malicious activity at a machine and system level.

These DFIR experts understand the techniques and tactics adversaries use. They use this knowledge to conduct a thorough investigation that systematically documents evidence and uncovers the root cause of the incident. This helps you get clear answers to tough questions so you can better safeguard your organization from future attacks, as well as more quickly recover after an incident occurs.

Digital Forensics


When human resources, legal and regulatory stakeholders require cyber forensics, DFIR experts will preserve, examine and analyze the digital footprints left behind by bad actors. This equips you with the information you need to understand exactly what happened and make the right improvements to your security program.

How It Works

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Collect Digital Forensics
Ensure root cause is identified accurately with expert analysis and digital evidence chain-of-custody handling.
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Analyze Incident Causes
Get fast, accurate answers to triage the incident with professional digital data forensics.
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Report Malicious Activity
Continuously improve your security program with insights provided by cybersecurity experts.

"The entire Nuspire team made the experience painless, quickly gaining my trust and confidence."

—Robert Elworth, Langdale Industries

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It is critical to have an incident response plan in place — especially now.

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