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Partner with cybersecurity advisors who provide 24x7 support to protect your organization against advanced security threats
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Comprehensive risk detection and mitigation

Law firms, accounting firms, financial advisors and other professional service (PS) organizations are continually targeted by malicious actors hoping to steal and sell sensitive information. One survey reveals that among top 10 law firms, 100% suffered a phishing attack, 75% suffered a malware attack and 25% experienced network intrusion, DOS [denial of service] and confidential information loss or leakage.1

  • Program strategy, design, roles and responsibilities
  • Assessment of current infrastructure and endpoints
  • Analysis, reporting and compliance
1 PWC UK, Annual Law Firms’ Survey. 2019.

Customize your professional services cybersecurity program

You may have special requirements for multiple locations, various types of proprietary data or financial transactions. An MSSP can assess your strengths, vulnerabilities and risks objectively and point out gaps that need to be updated.

Turn cybersecurity into your competitive advantage

Many firms don’t have IT staff responsible for finding and stopping malware, and even experienced IT people may not be skilled in cybersecurity. Managed security services protect your organization around the clock –monitoring and collecting data from gateways, networks and devices.

Increase compliance efficiency and accuracy while lowering cost

The Nuspire team can integrate the appropriate controls into your operations for General Data Protection Regulation (GPPR), California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), Sarbanes-Oxley Act, Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and other legislation. The right security technology and automated reporting help eliminate manual errors and speed submissions, audits and deficit remediation.

Establish A Formal Cybersecurity Program
Unite employees in a common goal of reducing risk
Meet Or Exceed Professional Standards And Regulations
Improve compliance by eliminating inefficiencies and automating reports
Preserve Your Brand Name
Minimize the chance of negative publicity and loss of client data
“Great help and advice for any unpredictable concern and situation.”
—Professional Services Client

Stay Up to Date on the
Latest Cybersecurity Threats

To be secure, we must understand who the adversaries are, what they’re after, how they would attack an organization, and the overall risk they pose. Our quarterly threat report identifies trends and makes predictions for what you can expect from cybercriminals.