Managed Detection and Response (MDR)

Thwart attacks in the cloud, on the network and your endpoints.
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Better Together! Go beyond real-time compromise detection and mitigation.

Worry less with 24x7x365 cyber threat monitoring and rapid incident response

Business networks are increasingly borderless. Remote work and a mix of premises, cloud and hybrid infrastructure make keeping up with threats challenging. A proactive approach increases your cybersecurity stance while lowering costs. Nuspire continuously monitors your environment, detecting and responding to threats using real-time, proprietary analysis and threat data. 

In addition to day-to-day protection, you’ll receive recommendations from the Nuspire team to help prevent future attacks. 

Stop Attackers in Their Tracks

Accelerate Cyber Threat Detection And Response
Ensure protection from new, successful attacks within minutes, not days

Receive Real-Time Incident Validation
Reduce alert fatigue and stop chasing false positives

Remediate Threats Effectively
SOC analysts provide clear remediation steps to thwart an attack before it becomes a breach

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Boost cybersecurity efficiency

Nuspire’s managed detection and response services can increase the speed at which threats are identified and contained. Our team of experts will:

  • Collect the right data and set up the right alerts with Smart Start Onboarding to avoid extra work for your IT team
  • Customize runbooks, minimizing confusion and complexity while ensuring immediate protection
  • Preconfigure your alert framework based on MITRE ATT&CK® to enable proactive detection at the highest priority

How it Works

Step One: Support Engaged
Rapid endpoint or log ingestion, the SOC engineer and threat hunter refer to customized runbooks to determine scope and review special instructions

Step Two: Incident Escalation
Incident is immediately escalated to the security incident response team (SIRT) or moved to investigation phase

Step Three: Remediation and Tuning
Various combinations of eradication techniques are employed to remediate and tune controls for future prevention

Why Nuspire?

Simplify cybersecurity with progressive managed detection and response built on best practices.
As your managed security services provider (MSSP), Nuspire will:

Secure cloud and premises with flexible configuration options
Analyze events and hunt for threats using multi-sourced threat intelligence
Limit malware damage with critical early detection systems
“Nuspire uniquely stands out from the competition by focusing on its strength as a pure play MSSP. Nuspire’s flexibility allows it to capitalize on emerging opportunities and disrupters, provide lower prices and deploy new technologies faster than its competitors.”
—Senior Research Analyst

Managing your EDR solution just got easier

We will meet you where you are – no matter the skilled resources you already have (or do not have) and your current or future EDR technology.