How MDR Addresses Cybersecurity’s Biggest Challenges

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In this brief video, we highlight some of the biggest challenges we’re seeing internal cybersecurity and IT teams confront, and how MDR can help address those challenges. You’ll learn:  

  • The top pain points MDR can alleviate 
  • How MDR works to simplify protecting an organization’s complete attack surface 
  • The top benefits MDR provides 

According to research on the current threat landscape, results show dramatic surges across the board, with triple-digit increases among both botnets and exploits. What that means is that cybersecurity and IT teams – which are already working as skeleton crews due to the cybersecurity talent shortage – are up against some of the biggest security challenges they’ve ever faced, and many aren’t equipped to handle it.  

Often, organizations will purchase a variety of security services they manage internally. The problem is, those services require a lot of “swivel-chairing,” because they’re typically siloed. What’s more, they may alert on every perceived threat, requiring the cybersecurity or IT professional to investigate and determine if it’s real or not. Have enough of those, and alert fatigue sets in. Alert fatigue can be equated to a “boy who cries wolf” situation where there are so many false positives, the team managing the tech stack begins to ignore them completely. And that’s when real alerts can get missed, eventually causing real damage. 

This is where managed detection and response (MDR) can transform an internal team’s ability to safeguard their organization. The right MDR solution has the ability to ingest and correlate the most important security telemetry, including enhanced visibility provided by an XDR platform, and enrich it with third-party data to identify the threats to act on. This is done across an organization’s entire attack surface – including network, endpoint and cloud assets.   

Since it’s a managed solution, it comes with a team of cybersecurity experts who not only ensure the MDR solution is customized for your needs, but also provide support via a 24x7x365 SOC to review incidents and signal the ones you should pay attention to.  

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