How to Optimize Your Security Program Using Security Reviews

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Many businesses and organizations don’t have the resources to manage cybersecurity effectively and optimize their technology investments. Disparate systems and complex networks can make it difficult to get a true picture of what’s happening in their environments. This is where Security Reviews can prove invaluable.  

What Are Security Reviews? 

Security Reviews are a unique offering from Nuspire, providing real-time data, threat intelligence, recommendations and service performance information on demand. Available in myNuspire, Security Reviews give organizations the visibility they need to prioritize their efforts and make the right improvements to their security programs.   

In this video, you’ll learn how Security Reviews work, including the ability to customize dashboards to give you the exact data view you want. You can add or remove widgets that provide information on health issues with your devices, tasks requiring your attention, potentially harmful logs or incidents, cases created to dive deeper into the data, the technologies Nuspire is monitoring for you, threat bulletins and more.  

Why Use Security Reviews?  

More and more organizations are leveraging Nuspire’s Security Reviews to drive their security strategy. Here are some of the reasons why: 

  • On-demand reporting to better enable data-driven decisions and share results with upper management. Reports are easily downloaded from the platform.  
  • Real-time data to see where your security program stands at any point in time.  
  • A recommendations and tasks engine that helps you focus and prioritize your security improvement activities. 
  • One portal view in an easy-to-read dashboard that shows you all your data. 
  • Threat and security intelligence to help you better understand the biggest threats to your business and industry and refine your security program to address those threats.  
  • Real-time service information to see how your Nuspire services are performing and identify any issues requiring your attention.