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Security Researchers Discover Massive Trend in Phishing Scams Targeting Businesses

Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP), Nuspire today released its Quarterly Threat Landscape report that includes top Botnet, Malware and Exploit activity throughout the second quarter. The most prevalent malware that we saw in this quarter was PDF Phishing scams, which had a 193% increase in detections where fraudulent emails invite recipients to view or download a document in Microsoft OneDrive.

“This phishing campaign that we identified indicates that these phishing scams are a prime threat vector for any business in any industry and easily go undetected, which can be costly for any organization,” said Nuspire Chief Technology Officer, Matt Corney. “Given the current landscape identified in our quarterly threat report, this rise in malware, exploits and botnets are likely to continue to grow and become more complex.”

Also noted in the report;

  • A surge in Remote Code Execution (RCE) attacks from two ThinkPHP RCE vulnerabilities that signifies attackers are continuing to actively scan for vulnerable systems
  • Continual decrease with the banking trojan Emotet, however, researches are confident that it will resurface with new tactics to go undetected
  • 58% increase in Andromeda activity
  • Sora tops the list with most botnet activity detected, with nearly doubling Andromeda activity
  • Continued increase in DoublePulsar as noted in last quarter’s threat report
  • Necurs botnet reappears. First identified back in 2012, Necurs was identified as one of the most prevalent botnet activities found this quarter

“All of our findings in this report indicate just how innovative cybercriminals are when it comes to changing their tactics,” said Shawn Pope, Security Analyst at Nuspire. “As we note in the report, even though some key findings slowly began to diminish, we’re confident they will reappear with new tactics and techniques in order to avoid detection, which is why a fully managed security program is the most credible option to remain secure.”

Data reported in Nuspire’s Quarterly Threat Landscape Report correlates more than 90 billion logs across the company’s 3,000 global network sensors. Customers enterprise and mid-sized businesses operating in the automotive, franchise, manufacturing, construction healthcare and financial services industries.

Nuspire’s Quarterly Threat Report correlates and analyzes threats detected from March 2019 to June 2019. Download the complete report here:

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