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Nuspire is a state-of-the-science, managed network security service provider with nearly two decades of industry experience, providing network management, monitoring, and security services for some of the largest and most distinctive companies in the world.

Nuspire utilizes big data, cloud driven technologies, custom-built and integrated with unique threat intelligence, and human analytics to meet the managed security needs of enterprise organizations with geographically dispersed networks. Solutions are delivered with service level commitments for network security, performance, and compliance. Nuspire is the benchmark for managed security services and maintains unparalleled cybersecurity technologies deployed globally.

Managed Security

Customizable network security and monitoring

Network Gateway

Fully integrated and complete solution systems

Cloud SIEM

Complete visibility and analysis through log monitoring

Network Monitoring

24x7x365 status of all network devices

Endpoint Security

Custom endpoint reporting and alerts

Rogue Wireless

Real-time threat detection and alerts

Email Security

Enterprise Managed Email Security & Archiving

VPN & Wireless

Virtual Private Network and Wireless Management


Monitoring of backups for errors or data selection problems

Our People

Nuspire employs the most specialized IT professionals who share high standards for keeping their clients’ networks safe and efficient. Experts are monitoring customer networks across the globe 24/7/365 through Nuspire’s Security Operations Centers. Security engineers go beyond event alerting and take responsibility for security response activities including analysis, remediation, and ongoing support. A team of R&D engineers in the NuSecure Labs constantly stay abreast of unique threat intelligence and solution developments to ensure Nuspire stays ahead of industry trends, threats, and potential vulnerabilities.

Our People

Nuspire News

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  • Your franchise could be breached and you might not even know. What can you do about it?
  • Nuspire Receives Corp! Magazine Economic Bright Spots Award
  • Nuspire Named as Finalist in the 2018 SC Awards Europe
  • Nuspire Networks Named to CRN’s 2018 Solution Provider 500 List
  • Kristi May Honored at Corp! Magazine's 'Most Valuable' Awards

10 questions DevOps engineers can expect to be asked in a job interview

DevOps engineers ranked no. 2 on Glassdoor's 2018 Best Jobs in America list, with more than 3,300 job openings nationally. While most companies remain in the early stages of adopting the workflow, the majority said they believe it will save them time during the development process, with about a third adding that they plan to invest in DevOps this year. Here are 10 questions that you may receive during the interview process, and what employers are looking for in your answers.

Your franchise could be breached and you might not even know. What can you do about it?

Nuspire CEO Saylor Frase has an article in Franchising Today about how companies can already be breached and they might not even know it.

Nuspire Receives Corp! Magazine Economic Bright Spots Award

Nuspire Networks was awarded at the Corp! Magazine Economic Bright Spots Award ceremony in the Medium Business category. Award winners recognizes companies that have continued to thrive with economic growth, expansion and hiring Michigan’s brightest talent.

Nuspire Named as Finalist in the 2018 SC Awards Europe

Nuspire named finalist in the Best Managed Security Service category at SC Magazine's 2018 SC Awards Europe.

Nuspire Networks Named to CRN’s 2018 Solution Provider 500 List

Cybersecurity company named to CRN's 2018 Solution Provider 500 List for second consecutive year

Kristi May Honored at Corp! Magazine's 'Most Valuable' Awards

Corp! magazine has honored Nuspire's Kristi May with their annual Most Valuable Millennial Award in 2018.

Compliance Needs


Nuspire does not want to simply audit an organization for PCI compliance; instead, it aims to be an organization’s security partner. This includes recognizing various GRC concerns such as business impact, infrastructure policy, and security direction...Click to learn more...


The Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act was enacted in November 1999. Under this Act, a financial institution is defined as any business that engages in financial activities ranging from insurance brokerage to data processing to automobile financing and leasing. Included in this act is a set of rules commonly referred to as the “Safeguards Rule.” The Safeguards Rule is intended to protect the financial institution’s customers from identity theft and other harm by requiring financial institutions to assess their data information from misappropriation, alteration, tampering, etc. ..Click to learn more...


The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) was enacted by the U.S. Congress in 1996. According to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) website, Title I of HIPAA protects health insurance coverage for workers and their families when they change or lose their jobs. Title II of HIPAA, known as the Administrative Simplification (AS) provisions, requires the establishment of national standards for electronic health care transactions and national identifiers for providers, health insurance plans, and employers...Click to learn more...


The Sarbanes-Oxley Act came into force in July 2002 and introduced major changes to the regulation of corporate governance and financial practice. The act seeks to protect investors from accounting fraud and regulate how companies make financial declarations. An over-arching public company accounting board was also established by the act, which was introduced amidst a host of publicity..Click to learn more....


The Federal Information Security Management Act of 2002 requires all federal agencies to plan for security, insure that appropriate officials are given security responsibility, review security controls in their information systems periodically and authorize system processing regularly...Click to learn more...

Industry Recognition

"MSS (Managed Security as a Service) prospects looking for services that can be quickly deployed at multiple locations, such as branch offices or retail, and can be bundled with help desk and network services, should consider Nuspire."



"Nuspire's flexibility allows it to capitalize on emerging opportunities and disrupters, provide lower prices, and deploy new technologies faster than its competitors."

-Frost & Sullivan

SOC 2 Certified

Nuspire is SOC 2 Compliant

Nuspire undergoes annual SOC 2 auditing against AICPS’s controls of security, availability and confidentiality. Nuspire’s SSAE 16/SOC 2 audited Security Operations Centers follow industry-standardized processes in order to provide the security, privacy, redundancy and flexibility to custom fit your organization’s needs.