Webinar: Cybersecurity Predictions: What to Expect in 2022

The new year is a great time to reflect and implement improvements to your cybersecurity program. As you look to enhance your current security program, join Lewie Dunsworth, CEO of Nuspire, and J.R. Cunningham, CSO of Nuspire, for a 45-minute live webinar. Plus, get entered to win one of two awesome prizes! 

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Top 10 Tips for Working with an MSSP (Through the Lens of an Anti-MSSP)

The top questions that people who don’t work for an MSSP ask is “How do I choose the best MSSP for our organization?” and “How do I sort through the criteria?” There are hundreds of MSSPs in a crowded industry, which is growing at approximately 12% per year. More MSSPs will enter the market even as the world is changing all around us.

Not all MSSPs have shifted with the changes, and this makes the decision process more difficult. Yet business leaders realize they need help with understanding the attack surface, how they can best protect themselves and how best to use a partner to secure their environments. Technology networks are more complicated than ever as data moves from office locations to cloud and attackers become more sophisticated.

In this dynamic world, decision-makers need answers to questions like:

  • What are the core capabilities of my security team? Where do I need help?
  • Which services do we really need? Can an MSSP help me in the areas where I need help?
  • What are my specific requirements, what features are critical and what functions are most important?
  • Which questions should I ask to get the REAL answers I need to evaluate options?

After reading this paper, you’ll feel more confident about evaluating MSSPs based on 10 qualities and specific interview questions – all filtered through the lens of an anti-MSSP MSSP. Why do we call Nuspire an anti-MSSP MSSP? Because we’re not like typical MSSPs that market to buyers using fear, uncertainty and doubt (FUD)! Instead, we lead with optimism and inspiration, which reflect our positive company culture, deep industry knowledge and passion, all focused on threat visibility, actionable threat intelligence and long-term security vision. Ultimately, an MSSP should have one objective: to partner with YOU to help YOU become more secure.

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Case Study

Cybersecurity Challenges in Healthcare: Infusystem Case Study

Infusystem was having difficulty balancing cybersecurity management needs with pressing business priorities. The organization faced time and resource constraints and was not happy with the service their current security operations center (SOC) and security incident event management (SIEM) provider was delivering. Infusystem needed an experienced provider that could manage their firewalls and endpoints 24x7x365 with an effective SIEM and proven SOC.

The Infusystem team chose Nuspire after touring its advanced security operations center (SOC) and experiencing the client-first culture at Nuspire.

Since deployment the Infusystem team has increased scope to deploy Nuspire’s SD-WAN Service to boost productivity and strengthen cybersecurity across all of its locations.

Download our white paper to learn more:

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Top Ways to Shorten Cybersecurity Remediation Cycles

Ways to shortne cybersecurity remediation cycles sentineloneLong remediation cycles are top of mind for many organizations. Decreasing detection time is an improvement; however, it doesn’t translate to shortening remediation cycles once the threat is identified. There continues to be a disconnect between how fast IT teams are detecting threats and how fast they can eradicate them.

As IT teams are tasked to do more with less, the question becomes: How can they optimize existing tools to meet both security and business operation goals?

The answer is aligning priorities to your endpoint detection and response (EDR) solution. Utilizing the right EDR solution protects your environment and expands visibility so as to:

  1. Further decrease time to detection and remediation
  2. Improve your SecOps efficiencies and effectiveness
  3. Achieve proactive security that manages the highest-risk cybersecurity threats

We’ve partnered with SentinelOne to bring you insightful tips to shorten cybersecurity remediation cycles by aligning your EDR solution to protect your business priorities. Download the white paper by filling out the form below.

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Human Response at Machine Speed Revolutionizing the Cybersecurity Experience


Year-over-year client retention rate proves our client-first approach works*

*Client retention rate is measured by calendar year


or less for our analysts to detect and respond to every alert


of employees are dedicated to client security operations and service delivery

comprehensive solutions to complex challenges Introducing the Nuspire Platform


Secure and manage your work from home (WFH) business model

Gain the best practices, strategies, detection and analytic capabilities to better secure your environment.


Augment your staff with skills that are unavailable in-house

Boost your monitoring capabilities with help from expert cybersecurity practitioners.


Rapidly respond to and mitigate threats

Achieve 360-degree visibility and remediation runbooks tailored to your unique business needs.

OUR clients are our purpose Your Success is Our Top Priority

The cybersecurity skills gap, lack of visibility and thousands of inputs can easily overwhelm your in-house staff.
If any of these challenges are keeping you awake at night, trust Nuspire to provide peace of mind.

Why Choose Nuspire as your Managed Security Service Provider?

Like most MSSPs we provide detection, prevention and response services. And then, we go above and beyond the usual remediation to proactively and continually tune systems and put expert recommendations into action to prevent future attacks. At Nuspire, you will always speak with a human. No matter what cybersecurity challenges you’re facing, our passionate team is at your side every step of the way.