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Nuspire Networks Receives Corp! Magazine’s Economic Bright Spots Award

With Michigan’s economy in full expansion after emerging from recovery mode, there are a lot of positives to highlight.

But whether it’s good times or challenging, Corp! Magazine is always able to find economic bright spots worth celebrating.

Once again this year, our Economic Bright Spots awards honor the companies that have continued to thrive with economic growth, expansion and hiring Michigan’s brightest talent.

This year, we honor 78 companies in four categories: Enterprise Businesses, Large Businesses, Medium Businesses and Small Businesses. Many of them are repeat winner that have continued to evolve.

The 2018 Economic Bright Spots award winners took center stage at a June 14 breakfast at the International Banquet Center in Detroit.


Nuspire Networks

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Nuspire is a managed security service provider with 20 years of industry experience that provides network management, monitoring and security services for some of the largest companies in the world, including General Motors, Subaru, Kelly Services, Ford and Audi. Beyond the classic monitor and support models, Nuspire utilizes big data, cloud-driven technologies, custom-built and integrated threat intelligence, as well as human analytics, to meet the managed security needs of enterprise organizations with geographically dispersed networks.

Last year, Nuspire was tasked with building out one of the largest and most complex corporate-controlled franchise cybersecurity implementations in North America, including gateway, wireless and compliance components. “To accomplish this, Nuspire created proprietary technologies and hired additional engineering staff in its Michigan and Ohio locations,” said CEO Saylor Frase.

Frase described Michigan as a great state in which to do business. “Southeast Michigan hosts one of the nation’s highest concentration of engineering talent and has incredible secondary education institutions along with a famous work ethic,” Frase said.

As for the Nuspire’s industry, cybersecurity is a fast-growing space with no shortage of opportunity. “For Nuspire, as businesses grow their understating of cyber threats and the risks that come with them, we are seeing a shift from compliance-centric thinking to an actual focus on security,” Frase said. “As this shift progresses, Nuspire is uniquely positioned to provide deeper security knowledge and innovative services that will be required to ensure that information is safe and secure.”