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Nuspire Networks Celebrates 20 Year Anniversary

COMMERCE, MI (January 31, 2019)- Nuspire, a state-of-the-science managed security services provider (MSSP) for some of the largest and most distinctive companies around the world, announced today that it is celebrating its 20-year anniversary. Nuspire CEO Saylor Frase made the announcement.

Since 1999, Nuspire has become an industry leading MSSP by building its own technology, performing advanced research and development and forming a team of security experts, essentially creating its own secret sauce dedicated to combating the changing threat landscape. Nuspire has expanded its products, services, employees and customer base hiring nearly 200 employees, opening multiple additional security operations center locations, growing its data center points presence around the globe, creating custom-built award-winning technology and serving Fortune 500 companies in multiple industries around the world.

“In the past 20 years we’ve seen how the cybersecurity industry has evolved and become an essential need for businesses, and we have become an expert in updating and streamlining our products and services to remain on top of the continuously changing threat landscape,” said Frase. “As we celebrate this significant milestone, we would like to thank our customers and team members who have been the driving force of our success, and although we’ve been around for 20 years, we’re just getting started.”

Nuspire has plans to continue its global reach and expand into new markets, serving both enterprise and mid-sized businesses with a continued focus on deep security expertise.

Over the last 20 years, Nuspire has established itself as an industry leader in the cybersecurity world as a MSSP, where its growing team of security experts and suite of state-of-the-science technology work together to combat today’s evolving cyber threats while taking full responsibility of its customers’ data assets.

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About Nuspire
Nuspire Networks is a state-of-the-science, Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) with two decades of industry experience, providing network management, monitoring, and security services for some of the largest and most distinctive companies in the world. Beyond the classic monitor and support models, Nuspire utilizes big data, cloud-driven technologies, custom-built and integrated threat intelligence, and human analytics to meet the managed security needs of enterprise organizations with geographically dispersed networks. Solutions are delivered with service level commitments for network security, performance and compliance. With its custom-built monitoring systems, a team of experts available 24/7/365 and a deep security knowledge and expertise, Nuspire is the benchmark for managed security services and maintains unparalleled cybersecurity technologies deployed globally. To learn more, visit