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Nuspire Launches Innovative Incident Response Readiness Service to Enhance Cyber Resilience

Nuspire’s Service Enhances Organizational Cyber Resilience with Practical, Tabletop-Style Simulations and Specialist Training

COMMERCE, MI (May 22, 2024): Nuspire, a leading managed security services provider (MSSP), today announced the launch of its new Incident Response Readiness Service. The service equips organizations with the tools and expert-led training necessary to effectively handle and mitigate cybersecurity threats through realistic simulations and scenario-based training. 

The newly launched Incident Response Readiness Service provides a dynamic and interactive environment where organizational teams can test and enhance their incident response strategies. By engaging in tailored cybersecurity scenarios that reflect the specific risks faced by each organization, teams are better prepared to tackle potential security breaches. 

“With cyber threats becoming increasingly sophisticated, it is imperative that organizations not only anticipate but are also thoroughly prepared for potential breaches,” said Lewie Dunsworth, CEO of Nuspire. “Nuspire’s Incident Response Readiness Service prepares cybersecurity teams by simulating real-world challenges and refining their skills to mitigate risks and protect assets. The service also enhances their tactical responses to cyber threats and improves team dynamics under duress, which helps progressively enhance their capabilities over time.”  

Key features of Nuspire’s Incident Response Readiness Service include: 

  • Scenario-Based Preparation: Custom scenarios mirror the unique risks each organization faces, helping teams practice and refine their response to cyber threats. 
  • Tabletop Exercise Integration: This method utilizes tabletop-style exercises to provide interactive incident response simulations, testing teams’ decision-making, communication and policy application skills in a controlled environment. 
  • Comprehensive Analysis and Reporting: Insightful post-exercise debriefs offer detailed analysis of team responses, highlighting strengths and pinpointing critical areas for improvement. 
  • Continuous Improvement and Alignment: The service promotes a unified approach to cybersecurity, engaging key stakeholders across various departments to ensure a cohesive and robust defense strategy.

“In designing the Incident Response Readiness Service, we aimed to create a solution that not only addresses the immediate needs of organizations facing cyber threats but also builds their long-term resilience,” said Mike Pedrick, VP of Cybersecurity Consulting at Nuspire. “Through immersive, tabletop-style simulations and comprehensive debriefs, we’re doing more than testing teams’ abilities; we’re enhancing their understanding of cyber threats and improving their coordination and response strategies.”  

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About Nuspire  

Nuspire is a managed security services provider (MSSP) with 25 years of expertise, offering managed security services (MSS), managed detection and response (MDR), and managed endpoint detection and response (EDR) that supports best-in-breed EDR solutions. The company also offers cybersecurity consulting services (CSC) that include incident readiness and response, threat modeling, digital forensics, technology optimization, posture assessments and more. Nuspire’s self-service, technology-agnostic platform, myNuspire, allows greater visibility into a CISO’s entire security program. The platform alleviates the pain associated with tech sprawl, provides intelligence-driven recommendations, solves for alert fatigue and helps clients become more secure over time. With a deep bench of cybersecurity experts, award-winning threat intelligence and two 24×7 security operations centers (SOCs) Nuspire is equipped to detect, respond and remediate advanced cyber threats. Nuspire’s client base spans thousands of enterprises, from midsized to large enterprises across multiple industries and geographic footprints. For more information, visit and follow the company on LinkedIn @Nuspire