FTC Safeguards Package

Get the assessments, policies and procedures templates, training and mandatory services you need to help meet the requirements of the FTC Safeguards Rule.  

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Start on the Path to FTC Safeguards Compliance 

Determine the areas of focus 

Includes an easy online self-assessment to identify vulnerabilities in how information is currently collected, stored and shared within and outside your organization. 

Make the paperwork easy 

Receive the necessary and configurable templates to help satisfy the requirement of documented policies and procedures. 

Learn exactly what you and your team need to do 

Get initial and ongoing online training, plus online testing with completion reporting, to ensure everyone on your team is properly informed on information security. Add on an optional phishing campaign solution to test your team’s skills.  

Close the loop on third-party compliance 

Extending vendor self-assessments helps you assess third-party risks to the customer information you share with them. Keep all your vendor responses in an easily accessible library.  

Enhance compliance with choice of EDR and/or VMS 

Every network is unique. Choose a monitoring solution that continuously identifies vulnerabilities and monitors the security of your network – so you don’t have to.  

Service Components

  • Dealer online self-assessment via easy-to-use portal 
  • Enterprise grade policies and procedure templates  
  • Staff training, testing and reporting for all required staff 
  • Unlimited vendor assessments  
  • Ongoing evaluation and adjustment guidance for your security program 
  • Choice of endpoint detection and response (EDR) or vulnerability management service (VMS) as well as optional cybersecurity consulting services. 
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Monitoring Solutions

  • EDR: Secure every device that accesses your network and stop ransomware in its tracks. Includes 24x7x365 SOC for blocking and remediating threats in real time. 
  • VMS: Discover, assess and prioritize vulnerabilities across your IT architecture through a combination of external and internal scans. 

Next Steps

Contact us and we’ll connect you with one of our FTC Safeguards Rule consultants.