Global Manufacturer Tecomet: Security Monitoring Case Study

Tecomet lacked resources. While the company has a good sized IT department of nearly thirty full time employees, they have one dedicated cybersecurity specialist with a lot of responsibility—and not a lot of visibility.

Jason Trammel, Cyber Security Specialist at Tecomet, decided to augment resources by outsourcing 24x7x365 security monitoring to a managed security services provider (MSSP) to gain full visibility and secure the Tecomet environment.

After selecting a large MSSP, Trammel experienced a lengthy onboarding process full of discovery and meetings, but no advisement. Unfortunately this provider misgauged Tecomet’s needs, leaving the strategy to fall on Tecomet to define what solutions were needed and what systems needed to be monitored.

Then one day, Trammel answered a cold call,

“It was the first time I was happy I answered a cold call. It was Nuspire on the other end, and after that initial conversation I felt like they had exactly what we needed.”

Nuspire quickly engaged as an extension of the Tecomet team. In the swift two-week onboarding process, which included defining and developing a custom runbook, a Nuspire security engineer immediately discovered a vulnerability. Tecomet’s previous provider had left a firewall exposed to the internet, and the Nuspire team wanted to fix it that night. “That’s hitting the ground running, and an impressive first step,” said Trammel.

Download our case study to uncover how we solved Tecomet’s security challenges and what the outcome was.

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Download the Resource