The Complete Guide to Finding and Working with an MSSP

Breaches have increased 68% since 2020, and the average cost of a breach is now $4.24 million—the highest in 17 years. The increase in ransomware, especially, is concerning for organizations of all sizes. In 2020, it’s estimated that there were 65,000 successful ransomware attacks—that’s one every eight minutes. Additionally, the average time to identify and contain a data breach was 287 days.  

Cyber attackers are often a step ahead of companies that are trying to protect their perimeters. Researchers at MIT studied why cybercriminals are way ahead in terms of technical innovation. They found that the dark web, a network of websites and servers that use encryption to obscure traffic, is a “value chain” of sorts and the source of many cybercriminal communities. All it takes to be a hacker is a bit of research and some bitcoin to purchase an email-flooding service on the dark web. Add in a sizeable cybersecurity talent shortage, and you have a recipe for disaster.  

In this eBook, we’ll discuss why throwing more resources (both human and money) aren’t the best approach to outsmart cybercriminals and why a managed security service provider (MSSP) is your best solution for securing your organization’s defenses. Consider this your complete guide to what an MSSP is, benefits of working with an MSSP, how to find the right provider, and why a coordinated, multi layered, multifaceted approach to security is critical. 

Topics in this comprehensive eBook include:  

  • Today’s common cybersecurity challenges 
  • How an MSSP can help combat those cybersecurity challenges 
  • The types of services and solutions that an MSSP can offer 
  • The best way to work with an MSSP, including a framework to follow 
  • Examples of how leveraging an MSSP has helped organizations from various industries