On-Demand: Steps to Building a Successful Security Operations Center (SOC)

In 2022, global cyberattacks increased by 38% and are showing no signs of slowing. This means 24x7x365 monitoring is no longer a ‘nice to have’ but critical to keep your organization’s environment secure. The challenge lies in how to do it – determining whether it makes sense to build an internal security operations center (SOC) or leverage third-party monitoring services.   

In this on-demand webinar, Aaron Cooper, a security operations veteran who has spun up multiple SOC infrastructures, breaks down what it takes to build an internal security operations organization. He covers:  

  • The technologies required for a modern SOC 
  • The types of security professionals/roles needed to operate a SOC 
  • A cost breakdown of each element 
  • Options for organizations that find an in-house SOC is cost-prohibitive 

Viewers will gain a clear understanding of what goes into building and operating a SOC, and helpful guidance on how to determine the best approach for their businesses.