[On-Demand] Offensive vs. Defensive Security: Cyber Stories from the Field

Organizations spend millions of dollars on security controls, yet they still get breached. And often, the breach resulted from something basic like a default password or unlocked door. This is where pentesting is valuable because organizations can learn where their gaps are and remedy them before a real, costly cyberattack occurs.

In this on-demand webinar, you’ll hear from cybersecurity veterans J.R. Cunningham, CSO at Nuspire, and Nabil Hannan, Field CISO at NetSPI, who share their pentesting stories – from the perspective of both the pentester and the organization being pentested.

They cover:

  • Why pentesting is essential for any size organization
  • Overseeing pentesting from the client’s perspective, including how to manage expectations with leadership
  • How to best leverage pentesting results to fix security gaps
  • Real pentesting stories from the field
  • And more!