[On Demand] Cybersecurity Synergy: Safeguarding Human Capital in the Digital Age

Data is currency for threat actors, and HR departments oversee some of the most critical and sensitive information: employee data. It’s incumbent on HR to become ad hoc cybersecurity experts to safeguard employee information from the cyberthreats that lurk around every corner. But how? 

In this on-demand webinar, Nuspire’s Emily Burke, VP of Human Resources, Mike Pedrick, VP of Cybersecurity Consulting, and Phillip Smith, Director of Security Program Operations, unravel the crucial nexus between cybersecurity and human resources. They discuss the challenges HR encounters in the face of an evolving threat landscape and share practical tips on how HR and cybersecurity professionals can work together to protect employee and company data.  

They cover: 

  • The types of data HR manages 
  • The most pressing HR cybersecurity risks—both internal and external 
  • Strategies to safeguard both employees and the organization, including data privacy and compliance  
  • Top tips for creating and maintaining robust data protection policies and procedures