[On-Demand] Cyber Threat Report: Q1 2024 Data Analysis

2024 is off to a busy start in the cybersecurity realm, as evidenced by Nuspire’s latest threat report.  

In this on-demand webinar, Nuspire’s Cyber Threat Analyst, Josh Smith, and Justin Heard, Director of Security Operations, share the latest threat landscape developments of early 2024. They examine Q1’s most significant threats, big developments in attacker behaviors and ways to avoid falling victim.  

Drawing from Nuspire’s vast data repository, which includes over a trillion traffic logs from client sites globally, the webinar covers: 

  • An overview of the cybersecurity threat landscape in Q1 2024 
  • Analysis of prevalent cyber threats and attacker methodologies 
  • Insights into the most targeted industries and emerging threat actors 
  • Strategies for mitigating risks and enhancing your cybersecurity posture 
  • Predictions for the cybersecurity landscape in the upcoming quarters 

Watch the Video

Watch the Video