On-Demand: 2023 Cybersecurity Predictions: Are You Ready?  

2022 was no joke when it came to the sheer volume of cyber threats. Nuspire saw substantial spikes in threat activity as the year progressed, and with it came the beginnings of some important shifts in the security landscape that will intensify in 2023.  

In this on-demand webinar, hear from a panel of cybersecurity industry veterans who not only share their predictions for 2023, but also (and more importantly), tips on how you can navigate the challenges that lie ahead.  

Predictions cover topics including:  

  • Shifts in security leadership roles 
  • Security spending and justification 
  • IoT and consumer-centric attacks 
  • Cadence of true IR/breach scenarios 
  • A U.S. answer to GDPR 
  • Threat actors’ go-to tactics in 2023 
  • And more! 

Short on time? Check out our 2023 Predictions Video Series, which features our panelists offering their predictions in quick, 1- to 2-minute videos.