Nuspire Helps in-house IT Team Manage Security Challenges and Stay Within Budget

A leading global manufacturer has multiple locations around the world, all operating in different times zones. And, like most manufacturers, they had a small in-house IT team that was consistently working around the clock to support global operations. They were conducting all overseas IT work after-hours, handling emergency troubleshooting, custom configurations, managing multiple technologies at each location.

They were so busy fighting fires that they were unable to focus on value-added projects like new technology rollouts, standardization efforts and proactive network improvements.

Additionally, they had been trying to monitor the network 24×7 because of all the locations around the world.The manufacturer was experiencing quick staff turnover because of how burnt out the IT team was getting. It became too much for the IT team and as hard as they tried, they couldn’t seem to find a solution that would fix their challenge while staying within budget. That’s were Nuspire came in.

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