Live Webinar

Threat Hunting: The Anatomy of a Cyber Threat Hunt

December 7, 2022 | 2:00 pm ET | Virtual Live Webinar
Hosted by Nuspire

Join front-line threat hunters for an up-close look at today’s threat hunting process

Adversaries can and will use underhanded schemes to break into organizations, even ones with the best protection. How do you find these adversaries, uncover threats rapidly and mitigate them before damage is done?

Join threat hunting experts, Laurie Mintzer and Todd Reder, for a 30-minute live webinar as we discuss the anatomy of a threat hunt and highlight ways to stay ahead of fast-evolving threats.

This event will give you an inside look at threat hunting methodologies used by top security teams. You’ll take away insights and real world-experiences from veteran front-line threat hunters.

Security leaders won’t want to miss this conversation covering the following topics, and much more:

  • Threat hunting process
  • Cyberattack tactics
  • Method of persistence
  • Example of a scheduled hunt
  • Next steps to mature your threat hunting program

Have questions? Bring them for a live Q & A session with industry experts.


Laurie Mintzer, Threat Hunt Team Manager, Nuspire
Todd Reder, Principal Threat Analyst, Nuspire
Laurie Mintzer
Threat Hunt Team Manager, Nuspire
Todd Reder
Principal Threat Analyst, Nuspire

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Laurie Mintzer
Threat Hunt Team Manager, Nuspire
Todd Reder
Principal Threat Analyst, Nuspire