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Defending the Castle: Building a Multi-layered Cybersecurity Defense

Join Dan Davis and Brad Wolf to gain a blueprint for your organization’s multi-layered cybersecurity defense.

Dan Davis
Vice President Security Operations and Threat Intelligence

Brad Wolf
Vice President, Implementation and Optimization

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Thursday | April 22 1 PM ET 

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Dan Davis & Brad Wolf

A castle sits on a hill, surrounded by a moat, protected by a dragon, defended by many knights. Inside, the king and queen are safe due to these many powerful layers of defense. But reduce the security to just one knight, and they’re at much greater risk.  

Your cybersecurity program is a lot like that castle. Any one technique is not enough to protect your organization. Join us to gain a blueprint for your multi-layered cybersecurity defense. Learn how to: 

  • Find the gaps in your armor – your areas of greatest risk 
  • Use industry insights to strengthen your defense  
  • Identify critical cybersecurity architecture  
  • Understand how these multiple layers increase your security  
  • See other threats lurking just outside the castle doors

And if the enemy still somehow breaks in? We’ll cover that, too.

We’ll also treat you to lunch! The first 10 registrants who attend the live webinar will receive a complimentary lunch voucher.

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