Chris Roberts

Chris Roberts

Chief Strategy Executive


Chris Roberts is Nuspire's Chief Strategist and has a storied career in cybersecurity, previously serving as the CISO for Boom Supersonic and contributing as an advisor globally. His work spans aerospace, deception, identity, cryptography, AI and more, with a focus on OSINT/SIGINT/HUMINT, intelligence gathering and deception technologies.   

Known for his efforts to enhance industry risk management, maturity, collaboration and communication, Chris is also recognized for his quirky project of coding an EEG-driven digital clone monitoring his tea and biscuit intake. With a background that includes security R&D since the late '90s, military parachuting and a knack for getting computers confiscated in Europe, Chris is a leading figure in counter-threat intelligence and vulnerability research.  

His expertise extends to transportation, having researched anything with wings, wheels, tracks, tires, fins, props or paddles for 15 years. With over 25 years in information security assessments and deep knowledge of regulations like GLBA, GDPR, HIPAA, HITECH, FISMA and NERC/FERC, Chris is a highly credentialed voice in cybersecurity, often featured in major media outlets and speaking at conferences worldwide. His notable work includes demonstrating vulnerabilities in aviation systems and NASA, earning him global recognition. 

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