How Pure-Play MSSPs Can Help Your Security Challenges

Managed security services providers (MSSPs) serve as an extension of an organization’s cybersecurity team. They take the burden of maintaining and managing a company’s overall cybersecurity program so your team can focus on additional and essential tasks.

However, not all MSSPs are alike. For example, some MSSPs offer a 24x7x365 security operations center (SOC) while others have their own security information event management (SIEM) solution for log intake. So, it is important to evaluate the security needs of your business and choose a provider that can customize services to your unique business needs.

Pure-play providers

According to Forrester’s Now Tech Report, MSSP’s are divided into four different categories: pure-play, managed IT, consulting firms and telcos.

Forrester defines pure play providers as MSSPs who typically started life as an MSSP. For most of them, this is still their core (if not sole) method of client engagement. As a result, they come with a robust set of dedicated security capabilities.

Pure Play MSSPs are similar to managed IT providers. However, managed IT providers operate IT infrastructure and devices on the customers’ behalf or provide support and tools on which to run a contracted set of IT services.

When it comes to pure play providers compared to managed IT providers, pure play providers tend to have more robust security expertise, remote monitoring, analytics and reporting capabilities, and automation and orchestration. Pure play MSSPs provide:

  • Security expertise. Pure play providers are the experts in cybersecurity, many have a full team dedicated to threat intelligence and identifying hackers’ latest tactics for targeting organizations.
  • Remote monitoring. These providers have a team that monitors your network 24x7x365, so nothing slips through the cracks when your business is closed.
  • Analytics and reporting capabilities. Get customized reports to understand what is occurring in your network, how it happened and what is being done to prevent it from occurring again.
  • Automation and orchestration. To provide customers with the best quality cybersecurity service, MSSPs must have security services that include automation and orchestration to keep up with the an increasingly complex threat vector.

How would your organization benefit?

Organizations partner with MSSP’s to overcome their security challenges so teams can focus on important and fluctuating business initiatives. Outsourcing to an experienced MSSP delivers:

  • Enhanced visibility through real-time monitoring of your network traffic and malicious activity
  • Sleep insurance knowing your environment has ‘eyes on glass’ 24x7x365
  • Access to cybersecurity experts who have a deep understanding of today’s threat landscape and the latest security technologies available.

To learn more, view Forrester’s Now Tech: Global And Emerging Managed Security Services Providers, Q2 2020.

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