Event Recap: Highlights from Nuspire’s Time at FutureCon Baltimore

The Nuspire team recently attended FutureCon Baltimore, an event that yielded a myriad of meaningful discussions that not only covered the sharing of cybersecurity knowledge, but also delved into the key challenges and pain points cybersecurity professionals face. The one-day conference provided a platform for attendees to discuss and strategize on a range of topics, from threat intelligence to cloud security, with an emphasis on addressing the evolving cybersecurity landscape. Below are our key takeaways from the event.  

Key Topics and Discussions

Attendees at the event were particularly interested in vCISO risk assessments and asset discovery. Conversations revolved around the importance of understanding what assets are present in an environment, their activities and how to manage them effectively when things go awry. The Nuspire team offered our insights on leveraging managed security services like managed detection and response as well as cybersecurity consulting to address cybersecurity concerns.  

 While compliance and governance weren’t the main attractions, there were notable discussions about navigating compliance standards. Cloud security was another hot topic, with strategies for securing cloud deployments and managing cloud-based threats taking center stage. Although a smaller focus, security awareness training was also discussed, particularly in the context of reducing the risk of phishing attacks and other social engineering tactics. 

Addressing Industry Pain Points

Many of the attendees we chatted with voiced concerns about not having enough internal support and how often there’s a disconnect with leadership on the complexities of cybersecurity. There was a clear call for more sophisticated threat intelligence and faster incident response services, with a desire for solutions that are tailored to the unique demands of their businesses. 

The Human Element at the Core

The event wasn’t just about technology; it was about the people. The Nuspire booth saw nonstop traffic throughout the day, allowing our team to engage with a diverse audience, including corporate and small/medium business representatives, government and military teams, and students entering the industry. From industry veterans to newcomers, the human-centric market of cybersecurity was evident. It was a reminder that at the heart of cybersecurity is the human element—the people we aim to help, protect and defend. 

Looking Ahead

The Nuspire team really enjoyed the opportunity to engage with the cybersecurity community at FutureCon Baltimore. It was a fantastic experience to meet face-to-face with fellow experts, exchange ideas and see firsthand how we can support each other in this fast-evolving industry. We’re passionate about not just sharing our knowledge, but also absorbing new perspectives that can help us all do better in safeguarding digital spaces. 

The event reinforced our enthusiasm for these gatherings where we can truly connect and collaborate. We’re already looking forward to the next conference with great anticipation, eager to continue these conversations and build on the relationships we’ve formed. For us, it’s about more than just business—it’s about contributing to a collective effort to enhance security for individuals and organizations everywhere. 

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