A CEO’s Insight: Proactive Cybersecurity in the Age of the Dark Web

Announcement of Nuspire’s New Dark Web Monitoring Service  

Even though I’m a CEO today, I’m a security leader at heart. One of the biggest challenges I faced in the past, and I’m sure you’re faced with today, is knowing what I don’t know. When I started my career in cybersecurity, I had the naivety to ask a peer, “When are we done? When can we consider ourselves secure?” He looked at me and simply said, “When you don’t get surprised anymore.” It was at that time I realized that visibility, data and intelligence, the valuable kind, were keys to building a strong security program. Twenty years ago, the dark web was an enigma. I visualized a bustling underground marketplace, where hackers and cybercriminals lurk in the shadows, plotting their next malicious attack. I was correct. What I didn’t realize was how immense it was, the infrastructure that was available for all types of criminal activities and how much they knew about me and the business I was trying to protect.   

That’s why I’m particularly proud of our new Dark Web Monitoring service. It’s designed to give you peace of mind, extending your visibility into potential threats beyond your environment, into the underbelly of the criminal underground, to help you proactively identify and address potential threats before they can impact your business. This service easily integrates with our existing detection and response services, allowing us to not only alert you to potential threats, but also verify their relevance and actively mitigate them within your environment.  

Security Analogy  

Imagine your business as a castle, with strong walls and defenses to protect your assets from external threats. However, the dark web represents a vast underground network of tunnels and secret passageways where cybercriminals gather and plot their attacks. These tunnels can lead directly into the heart of your castle, bypassing your traditional defenses. 

Nuspire’s Dark Web Monitoring service is like deploying a team of skilled scouts to explore these tunnels, gathering intelligence on potential threats and uncovering any plots or plans that could endanger your castle. With this forewarning, you can take proactive measures to reinforce your defenses and neutralize the threats before they even reach your gates. 

Leadership Principle: Proactive Vigilance 

Being proactively vigilant, as a leader, means that you are always alert, looking out for danger and being prepared for difficulty when it arises. It means that we must take a business forward approach for the future. Dependent on your role in an organization, you are going to be responsible for something; that something, whether it is big or small, is critical for the businesses’ success. Always be on the lookout for opportunities to be proactive and prepared for any threats to your success.  

Effective leaders cannot afford to take a reactive stance, waiting for threats to materialize before developing a response plan. Instead, they must proactively seek out potential risks, anticipate emerging threats, and implement preemptive measures to safeguard their specific “cog in the wheel.” 

Some steps that you can take are:

  1. Understand Failure Modes – What scenarios, if realized, could impact your success? 
  2. Calculate the Impact – If those scenarios occur, what is the impact to your organization, the business and your career? 
  3. Document Your Response – If those scenarios do occur, how will you react? What will be your action plan? 
  4. Move Forward – Now you can focus on progress, knowing that if something bad happens, you’ve done the hard work and know how to react the right way without any emotion involved.  



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