Security Operations Center

For nearly two decades, Nuspire has been leading the industry with proprietary solutions for network security monitoring and management services from Nuspire's Security Operations Center (SOC). Many of the world’s largest and most distinctive companies have turned to Nuspire technologies and experts to keep their networks safe and efficient. 

The Nuspire SOC combines leading technologies and skilled experts to provide a level of service that is unmatched in the industry. Proprietary technologies, used by teams of security technicians and R&D engineers, provide an unprecedented security monitoring and response process backed by stringent service level agreements that take responsibility for customer networks.

SOC Technologies

SIEM – The NuSecure nuSIEM – backed by its distributed, parallel processing cloud – combines high speed, real-time analysis of Firewall/UTM and Windows Event logs with Intelligent Alerting and Dynamic Drill Down Reporting™. The foundation of nuSIEM is built upon a proprietary, fault-tolerant, extremely fast, clustered parallel data execution engine. The result of this big data cloud SIEM is faster data processing, faster security alerting, and ultimately, faster reaction to security events on the network.

trax™ – Nuspire's award-winning management and monitoring portal developed for Nuspire engineers, customers, and vendors. Trax™ combines monitoring, alerting, ticketing, asset management, project management and reporting. As a result, customers see benefits from integration between systems, faster times for resolution with a more accurate security response, investigation, and reporting.

Unique Threat Intelligence – The blending of real-time, third party security intelligence (identified by devices placed all around the globe), databases of poor reputation or compromised hosts, advisories and bulletins derived from FBI active investigations of cyber threats, as well as Nuspire’s own security research, comprise the SOC advanced analytics capabilities. These qualities are all combined into nuSIEM for normalization, correlation and aggregation. Once combined and ranked according to proprietary techniques, SOC engineers can utilize Nuspire's big data infrastructure to provide real-time analytics and alerts on all log data.

Vulnerability Management – Teams of R&D experts in the NuSecure labs are dedicated to vulnerability discovery and risk analysis. While some processes are automated within Nuspire systems, others are manually researched and investigated to evaluate threat, risk, and impact on customer networks.

Security Operations Center


Patch Management – Nuspire’s approach to patch management blends automatic processes with laboratory testing. While some critical security patches are dispatched to the field in real-time, others are first tested in a laboratory environment to ensure network operability and compatibility. The result is a secure network without business disruption. 

Configuration Management – Enterprises with many locations struggle with configuration management. While many companies strive for network standardization, “cookie cutter” configurations are generally not realistic. Nuspire has a unique solution for configuration management, changes and auditing.

SOC Human Analytics

Security Engineers – Nuspire employs a team of industry-leading security experts around the globe. Operating out of one of the Nuspire SOCs, engineers have the tools and guidance to solve today's security challenges. Security engineers are backed by industry-leading technologies along with an award-winning training and mentor program. Systems are designed to make sure the engineer working on any security response ticket is trained on that specific security threat, has all relevant information and has the ability to escalate or pull in additional resources (through Nuspire’s ticketing system).  

Network Engineers – To understand a customer’s security posture, Nuspire must understand its network. Security events are often noticed first because of anomalous behavior on the network. Nuspire dedicates teams of engineers to find these threats through network operations management, monitoring, and analysis.

NuSecure Labs R&D – Security is not static and no MSSP can effectively manage and monitor customer networks without R & D effort. As threats evolve, and the security threat landscape changes, so must an MSSP. Nuspire dedicates some of the world’s leading experts to research security threats, develop solutions to combat latest threats, and fine-tuning Nuspire's systems to alert the security engineering team if that threat is found on a customer's network. 

Security Response Process

Alert Generation – Nuspire’s award-winning, big data cloud SIEM is the industry-leading solution to aggregate and correlate billions of events from devices and locations across the customer’s network landscape. The solution is designed to be scalable to any size network. This means Nuspire can offer an industry-leading service level agreement (SLA) around alert generation and response to security events on customer network.

Alert Response – After an alert is generated, trax™ algorithms quickly determine the alert type and assign to the appropriate engineer. This algorithm takes into account event type, ticket burden, availability of each engineer, and the skillset of the person assigned the ticket. This ensures the event alert is delivered efficiently and effectively to remediate the issue.  

Alert Remediation –  When an alert arises, Nuspire experts works with the customer to help remediate the issue. While each customer requires customized support procedures, Nuspire is equipped to transfer a ticket, work with a customer’s security team, or take full responsibility for event response. All activity is logged in trax™, and can be viewed by the customer in real-time through transparent reporting and analytics. 

Client Reporting and Visibility – Nuspire delivers a unique level of transparency into network activity and response. Through trax™ a customer can see network alerts, tickets, and engineer responses in real-time. Additionally, customers can view these activities against SLAs through trax™ reporting features. Customers who do not wish to use trax™ can view metrics through Nuspire’s tablet interface, NuVu, or schedule reports to be delivered to their inbox. Corporate customers are also encouraged to work with account management for specialized reporting, service reviews, or specific reporting needs, allowing customers to have complete visibility of their network. 

SOC 2 Certified

Nuspire is SOC 2 Compliant

Nuspire undergoes annual SOC 2 auditing against AICPA’s controls of security, availability and confidentiality. Nuspire’s SSAE 16/SOC 2 audited Security Operations Centers follow industry-standardized processes in order to provide the security, privacy, redundancy and flexibility to custom fit your organization’s needs.


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