Security Alerts

Facebook receives order from the Government of Japan to Improve Data Protection

After the recent Facebook data breaches affected over tens of millions of people, the government of Japan has ordered Facebook to improve its protection of user’s personal information.

Facebook has stated that up to 50 million accounts were affected by a software flaw that allowed attackers to steal account access tokens that allowed people to automatically log back into their accounts. This attack was due to three distinct bugs as said by Guy Rosen, Facebook’s vice president of product management, and it targeted Facebook’s “view as” feature.

The Personal Information Protection Commission of Japan demanded that Facebook investigate the breaches fully and to present preventive measures on the matter.

They also provided the order to Facebook that it must communicate better with its users about breaches and improve their response times, especially in requests that involve deleting user accounts.

Facebook stated they would cooperate with the commission as well as other countries’ regulators.

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