Top 10 Tips for Working with an MSSP (Through the Lens of an Anti-MSSP)

The top questions that people who don’t work for an MSSP ask is “How do I choose the best MSSP for our organization?” and “How do I sort through the criteria?” There are hundreds of MSSPs in a crowded industry, which is growing at approximately 12% per year. More MSSPs will enter the market even as the world is changing all around us.

Not all MSSPs have shifted with the changes, and this makes the decision process more difficult. Yet business leaders realize they need help with understanding the attack surface, how they can best protect themselves and how best to use a partner to secure their environments. Technology networks are more complicated than ever as data moves from office locations to cloud and attackers become more sophisticated.

In this dynamic world, decision-makers need answers to questions like:

  • What are the core capabilities of my security team? Where do I need help?
  • Which services do we really need? Can an MSSP help me in the areas where I need help?
  • What are my specific requirements, what features are critical and what functions are most important?
  • Which questions should I ask to get the REAL answers I need to evaluate options?

After reading this paper, you’ll feel more confident about evaluating MSSPs based on 10 qualities and specific interview questions – all filtered through the lens of an anti-MSSP MSSP. Why do we call Nuspire an anti-MSSP MSSP? Because we’re not like typical MSSPs that market to buyers using fear, uncertainty and doubt (FUD)! Instead, we lead with optimism and inspiration, which reflect our positive company culture, deep industry knowledge and passion, all focused on threat visibility, actionable threat intelligence and long-term security vision. Ultimately, an MSSP should have one objective: to partner with YOU to help YOU become more secure.

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