Top Ways to Shorten Cybersecurity Remediation Cycles

Ways to shortne cybersecurity remediation cycles sentineloneLong remediation cycles are top of mind for many organizations. Decreasing detection time is an improvement; however, it doesn’t translate to shortening remediation cycles once the threat is identified. There continues to be a disconnect between how fast IT teams are detecting threats and how fast they can eradicate them.

As IT teams are tasked to do more with less, the question becomes: How can they optimize existing tools to meet both security and business operation goals?

The answer is aligning priorities to your endpoint detection and response (EDR) solution. Utilizing the right EDR solution protects your environment and expands visibility so as to:

  1. Further decrease time to detection and remediation
  2. Improve your SecOps efficiencies and effectiveness
  3. Achieve proactive security that manages the highest-risk cybersecurity threats

We’ve partnered with SentinelOne to bring you insightful tips to shorten cybersecurity remediation cycles by aligning your EDR solution to protect your business priorities. Download the white paper by filling out the form below.

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