On-Demand Webinar: Top 5 Questions from CISOs on Cyber Insurance

The recent evolution of cyber insurance, including what it covers and how it’s administered, has created a level of complexity that could spell costly for organizations that aren’t to speed on the latest frameworks and rules.

Watch as Lewie Dunsworth, J.R. Cunningham, Ethan Harrington and Mary Roop, give you the key insights you need to understand the cyber insurance industry and its impact on your business and security program. Topics include:

  •  Cyber insurance and what it covers
  • Past, present and future trends of cyber insurance
  • Surprising things you didn’t know about cyber insurance
  • Plus, the top 5 questions from CISOs including:
    1. What changes in insurance trends do I need to be aware of?
    2. What are the ransomware specific changes to insurance policies?
    3. What are the key cyber insurance terms I should know?
    4. I got a notice of non-renewal, what should I do?
    5. My insurance provider has a list of approved Incident Response providers and security products. Can I use other providers and products?