On-Demand Webinar: Advanced Threat Hunting (and Indicators of Compromise)

In this webinar, John Ayers, Chief Strategy Product Officer, and SentinelOne’s Steven Overko, Solution Architect, discuss on how to effectively apply third-party threat intelligence to proactively threat hunt.

Today’s unprecedented threat landscape requires organizations to be prepared to defend themselves from the bad guys. It is no longer a matter of ‘if’ than ‘when’ an attacker will come knocking on your door.

Applying the latest threat intelligence is imperative to effectively threat hunt to identify and mitigate a problem before it impacts your organization. Having the ability to leverage third-party threat intelligence is critical to this process.

The cybersecurity veterans will share how to gain 360-degree visibility and enrich data to better address your unique security challenges.

This informative discussion will include guidance on how to:

  • Hunt the adversary
  • Detect indicators of compromise (IOCs) quickly
  • Investigate and mitigate effectively