On-Demand Webinar: Addressing the Third-Party Cybersecurity Conundrum

How Partners and Clients Can Safeguard for Success

Third-party cybersecurity vulnerabilities are on the rise as more companies are recognizing the value of outsourcing various business processes. In fact, research from Colorado State University suggests that two-thirds of all breaches are a result of supplier or third-party vulnerabilities. So how does this affect the partner-client relationship and what can you do as a cybersecurity channel partner to keep clients and your environment safe?  

Watch Nuspire’s Mike Pedrick, VP of Cybersecurity Consulting, and Nancy Warehime, Director of Partner Programs, in this on-demand webinar, where they provide actionable steps aimed at helping partners build trust and develop more effective and profitable relationships with their clients. 

These experts discuss:  

  • The current third-party threat landscape and the types of risks to look out for. 
  • How third-party risk is a two-way street for both partners and clients – and the importance of having a clear view into all environments/potential attack surfaces. 
  • Actionable ways partners can support clients in strengthening their security postures to combat third-party risk.  
  • Strategies that partners can leverage to ensure their clients feel confident in the partnership.