[On-Demand] Cyber Threat Report: Q3 2023 Data Analysis

Watch Nuspire’s knowledgeable cybersecurity analysts, Josh Smith, Cyber Threat Analyst, and Justin Heard, Director of Security Operations, as they dissect the critical findings from our Q3 2023 threat report. Get an inside look at emerging trends, notable threat actors and effective risk mitigation techniques. 

In this on-demand webinar, Josh and Justin explore the latest trends in threat landscapes and attacker techniques. Their analysis is based on Nuspire’s extensive collection of one trillion traffic logs obtained from client sites and encompassing thousands of devices across the globe.  

Viewers will gain valuable knowledge on: 

  • Why botnets increased by a staggering 67.51% compared to Q2 
  • The latest ransomware operators, featuring newcomers 8Base and Akira 
  • The factors driving the decline of malware and exploit activity  
  • The top five botnets and malware variants and how you can safeguard against them 
  • And more! 

Watch the Video

Watch the Video