[On-Demand] Automotive Dealer Security: Navigating Incident and Breach Response

Auto dealerships are prime targets for cyber attackers. They’ve got access to a wealth of sensitive customer data and have close ties to the extensive automotive supply chain. This is why it’s critical for dealers to not only understand incident and breach response, but also have clear processes and compliance procedures.  

In this on-demand webinar, Nuspire’s automotive cybersecurity experts explore the intricacies of incident response and breach management in the automotive dealership sector. They cover the fundamentals of breach identification and the critical importance of timely responses, along with best practices for tracking breach notifications transparently and efficiently. 

Viewers gain insights into:  

  • Common tactics employed by threat actors and vulnerabilities they exploit in automotive dealership environments.  
  • Essential aspects of regulatory compliance, from documenting breach declarations to understanding regulatory requirements like the FTC Safeguards Rule and SEC guidelines for breach reporting. 
  • Practical strategies to simplify incident response and breach reporting, including the use of advanced tools like EDR/MDR, expertise requirements and real-world solutions designed for automotive businesses.